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With the end of Late Summer (the peak of Summer), we now head into Autumn. Already there have been a couple sore throat cases and bronchitis cases. This is an important time to get ahead and get a grip on your Qi, because at the end of October arrives the first wave of Wind-Cold attacks which rear their heads as sniffles, flu, and even pneumonia.

Why does this happen every year?!

Our Qi gets used to a certain mode of behavior, a “wave” of movement which favors one organ and tissue system over another. When the system gets just near to perfect it passes over the Myserious Pivot (Ling Shu) and then is weak again. It is dependent on the person as to whether this happens after, or before a season change. Those of us (raises hand) who are always moving fast tend to go early. And when this happens, you are momentarily exposed. Like a ship is exposed to rogue waves from the port and starboard sides, ready to be tipped over.

So what do we do? We re-orient the Qi, drain out the newly arrived weather’s Qi, and strengthen the immune system (sharpen it).

At this time there is a five-fold strategy I would like you to initiate (aside form coming in for acupuncture or tuina):

  1. Take Astragalus as a tea or pill or tincture, or cook with it.
  2. Use white flower oil beneath your nostrils
  3. Eat pears and apple sauce, to moisten dryness; add cinnamon to deal with moistness
  4. Begin consuming garlic and ginger in large amounts to warm the body.
  5. Start wearing more layers. I can’t tell you how many people I still see out in cotton tea shirts only, getting exposed to wind and cold!!

Remember, it’s your Qi and ultimately, Essence (longevity). So prevention may seem costly and time-consuming, but the question is what do you pay later for months of rehab due to a condition you could have ended a month before it started?
~Shifu Ramon

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