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Secrets of the Face: A Dimpled Chin

Recently, news broke that a sequel and spin-off of the 1980’s-90’s show Full House is in the works. Because I am of a certain age, many of my friends were very excited about this and posted the news to Facebook. Now, as many of you know (because I am too excited to stop talking about it!), I am studying Chinese Face Reading and Facial Diagnosis. So after about three times of seeing the same picture in my news feed, I was struck by how many cast members of that show had dimples in their chins. Coincidence? Not entirely. A dimpled chin indicates that a person is a natural performer!

Before you check the top of this article to see if it was written by Captain Obvious, hear me out. This dimple in the chin thing is a very good example of how to think about the face and the life of the person it belongs to. Many people who work in entertainment have this same quality. (Look it up!) It is likely not because they woke up one morning and said, “Boy what a chin! Guess I’ll head into acting!” But it is likely that the same quality that drives a person to earn the attention and acknowledgement that they naturally require is recorded in the face.

Isn’t that fascinating! We are always telling a story, and not only with words. As that story changes, the face can change along with it. Take for example Candace Cameron Bure (aka DJ, aka the oldest sister, aka my 90’s twin). If you google a picture of her when she was in full house ( and compare it to a picture of her now that she’s grown ( you may notice that even though she’s smiling bigger in the second picture, the dimple in her chin is not as prevalent. Why? Because she’s been doing something else. For many years, the former Donna Jo did not perform – she stayed at home with her three children. Now that Candace Cameron Bure is acting more, I would not be surprised to see her chin marking emerge more fully again.

As with many things, signs of the face register on a spectrum. Just because someone has a dimple in their chin doesn’t mean that they will have to be in the entertainment industry to feel fulfilled in life. But what it very well may mean is that not only will performing in front of a crowd come easily to them in some capacity, but that even (in some cases especially) in matters of daily, “ordinary” life, it is important that they feel acknowledged and appreciated.

This is really something to think about, especially if you or someone you love has this characteristic. Do you need to not only know that you are appreciated but also to feel, hear, or experience it in a tangible way? Whether you or your loved ones need simple acknowledgement or even standing ovations, it’s okay! It’s part of who you are, and it’s very reasonable to communicate your needs with those around you. It is my hope that you can use this knowledge to help those you care about feel supported and to feel supported yourself. Knowledge is power, and power is awesome. Happy looking!

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