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The Spirit in TCM is divided into 5 parts:
  1. Affect & Emotion
  2. Corporeal “bodily” Soul
  3. Ethereal Soul & Intuition
  4. Intellect & Memory
  5. Willpower & Destiny
Of these, classical Chinese texts keep referring to “the 3 souls” not only just one.
What on earth could the other two be?


It is my theory that the remaining two are actually the subconscious or primal CNS (everything below the cortex) and the ENS or enteric nervous system – where you get your “gut feelings.”
So even if you have found a way to make your mind happy, spiritually, without Praxis, you may in fact be leaving 2/3 of yourself unhealthy.
This may account for the vast array of emotionally based or aggravated illnesses that plague the world, including a wide variety of colon, uterine, lung, heart, blood and bone disorders.

So that brings the number of “brains” you have to 5 also (no coincidence):

[responsive]Anatomy of the Brain Anatomy of the Brain[/responsive]

  1. Left hemisphere – yang or “male side” – Fire
  2. Right hemisphere – yin or “female side” – Water
  3. Cerebellum – the “little brian” – Wood
  4. Pons/Medulla/Hippocampus aka “lower or primal CNS” aka “reptilian brain” – Earth
  5. Peripheral Nervous System = ENS + Golgi Tendon Reflexes – Wood

In other words, the TCM Five Element System is a clever, simple, pragmatic way of picturing the interactions of the nervous system and the Mind. Thus explaining, finally, to the ‘scientific minded’ the basics of why the mind-body connection works. Including “placebos” and “hypnosis.” The body is filled with mind, and the mind has a complete map of the body. It isn’t just 1 brain sitting on top of a flabby machine.

The WHOLE machine is one big interactive brain. In TCM we call it the “empire” in which YOU, the person with a name, is the sovereign. And like all kings and queens, you will feel subject to the wills, whims, and changes that come from within your five kingdoms and Empire.

*note – if you feel it’s all “mind over matter” try quitting an addiction or not having a BM.

[responsive]The Nervous System Whole Nervous System[/responsive]

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