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Not to be too “on the nose” but when I called this year the Year of the Pivot in 2020, I was in tune with what was happening. First I follow China Uncensored so I kept abreast of the issue. I also got out of the markets before they tanked. I do all of this using the Chinese Science of the “Changes” (Yi), an ancient technology over 3,500 years old d back to the cataclysms. The Chinese have historically been obsessed with catastrophe, time, and totally predicting if possible eclipses, comets, and other “signs” they took for disaster. After a few thousand years, they have come up with a few gems and treasures. Furthermore, I spend a lot of time in the entrepreneurial space, and as a business owner, and martial arts teacher, I track the reactions of people, and study many other types of sciences. This is all to¬†your advantage, if you take the time now to reach out to me, and schedule consults.

  • Herbal – it’s obvious that I have an herbal technique I am using, with good success, for the present situation. I cannot say it is a cure, but it is a preventative and prophylactic, and it’s a ton better than just Vitamin C. What would I say? Chinese solutions for Chinese problems!
  • I Ching – again, if you are feeling stuck, lost, confused, threatened, worried, etc. why not tap into your soul to find out what is in the cards (so to speak, no tarot here) for you? When the head, heart, and gut don’t agree, you’re without Dao.
  • Life/Health – If you want to talk about your health, and a plan, we do offer this in Zoom or Skype chats.
  • BaZi – Chinese time-based (not planet based) astrology… basically a matrix of your “future” codes.
  • Business – Learn how to survive, to “read the tea leaves” and what I see coming. Interact on a business level and let’s talk about your plans on how to stay viable and avoid insolvency, in the future NEW economy the elites are pushing onto us now.

Consults are $50/half hr (though I probably will ramble and charge only $50 unless we go beyond an hour), payable through Jane (where you can schedule) or through paypal. If you have acupuncture credit right now you can convert a whole appointment into an hour at no cost.

If you find this whole situation flummoxing, confusing, perplexing, angering, I am always available for a consult to talk about your feelings, talk about some facts. And of course keep up with the stats and data we post to our blog, THE top blog for no holds barred data without making you agree. We give you facts, you decide what you think about them.


Thanks, and talk soon,
Sf. Ramon Careaga

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