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Shifu’s Energy Management Services

Below are, in brief, the sorts of energy management work that I can provide, other than acupuncture and tuina/massage; of which far more information can be provided from and

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[accordion-item title=”Feng-Shui for Home and Life”]Not interior decoration! Feng-shui for your home, and your life, consists of determining a number of factors which either support or detract from your health via the extension of how things around you are arranged. In the Art of War, this is called the Shi (strategic configuration) and in Tai Chi it is called Song (structure). Either way, the passage of energy is along the resultant vectors of tension and friction, of levers and torsion, in momentum and inertia, and these movements of energy compel us to certain attitudes, behaviors, habits, social circles (see Karma below) and ultimately as to how we spend our money. Without getting into too much depth, suffice it to say, your home’s feng-shui, and by extension your life’s can fall into three categories: (1) Safety/Security, (2) Attraction, and (3) Enrichment. Nourishing life (Yang Sheng) is mostly a matter of behaviors, learned mostly but occasional following gut instincts, however, in the case of “getting ahead” or enrichment, is actually a matter of arranging energy manipulators or modulators or dampeners, so as to cause slight, even subtle adjustments to life’s flow. The way I work with the client is on a continual basis, even though the job is completed, to ensure that new structure and habit is continued. Payment can be done by the hour, outright contract, or year-long (encouraged due to feasibility and looking over your life; very good to be combined with Mentoring). Sometimes, as with the Business Feng-Shui, I may even do a 3D model, in the cases of remodeling or other changes. See for examples of 3D work.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Feng-Shui for Business and Finance”]Establishing a new business isn’t easy. Making it a success and surviving those first 5 years is even harder. With my tools, and ability to analyze problems and help you to come to solutions, to make sure that finances are tuned correctly, to look at such issues as management conflicts, etc… you will have already a substantial practical edge. But where I really shine is in looking at your astrological (energetic) setup as people, and looking for potential conflicts. My professional reports are confidential and FYEO. No one will know, but you will have a secret edge in your management. Your competitors will have to work twice or three times as hard to achieve the same effect. I tell you one thing nobody has my 5 Element Management Wheel, and no one can help you fine tune karma and Attraction like I can. On top of this, in terms of task (time) managers, there is nobody I know more capable of accomplishing tasks, let alone teaching yourself and your management team the absolute best techniques for completing tasks in a timely manner.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Karma Smoothing (I Ching)”]Occassionally, aside from astrological or energetic causes for karma issues, life itself has hiccups – sticky situations as it were. In these situations, most people make haphazard guesses. I, however, do not. Rather, I use the Changes (yi) themselves to make all the decisions, looking at how the situation requires our conduct to be in order to find the Way out of the issue. This is not something the untrained person, even a skilled one such as some Reiki person, or psychic or Taichi teacher, can do. Why? Because the average person doesn’t know the Yi. Even if they are familiar with the I Ching text, they are not familiar with its hidden secrets to which I am initiated. This ancient, 3,500 year old technology is not to be trifled with. More information about this is found on my school site,[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Karma Changing”]To know how to change your karma, or your family or relationship’s karma, you have to know more about the 8 laws (Bagua Dharma), and about the 11 part chain of Causation (Karma). If one doesn’t know the deepest secret of this, how indeed can one expect to “attract” or “manifest” the changes that one wants? For one, a person will not be able to work with the Yi (Changes), but more to the point, one will not be capable to altering the habits from which most of Karma flows. Hence, it is incredibly important that a person knows the precise Science to doing this. That, is my specialty; what makes me unique as an energy moderator/manager.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Nerve Frequency Adjusting”]One of the central issues around Karma issues, in say business or relationships, comes from the variability that people have in their nerve flow. I have several techniques at my disposal for “tuning” a person into the moment: acupuncture, herbs, meditation, massage, qigong (yoga), Tai Chi, crystals, oils, and feng shui. The main thing is, though, not that I have lots of techniques, but that my diagnostic skills are finely tuned to the Yin and Yang – the Primal forces of differentiation – themselves. Many people know, for example, they have anxiety (and many don’t). But what they definitely do not know is if they have excess energy type (what most people think they have) or deficient energy type. Unless a person knows the 10 Principles, how can they be expected to know this fundamental difference, let alone how to fix the problem?[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Nourishing Life”]Yang Sheng is one of the most important aspects of increasing not just Longevity but Vitality. But without having read texts, such as the Yojokun, how would you know what nourishes your life-force (Te) and what doesn’t? Have you read the Huahuching or the Neiyeh? That’s the job of a professional. My job. So let me help you by identifying, based on your 5 Element energy patterns, what specific techniques, many of which are located in this article on the blog, will help you in your management of the basic substances of Qi and Essence.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”5 Element Diet”]One of the main aspects of the Nourishing of Life comes in Diet Moderation. But to live in the moment, instead of a hectic helter-skelter race to get “what you need” for your body, is acquiring a good grasp of how your Elemental Design (again, part health, part astrology) affects your body’s needs for certain kinds of foods. This method is called, the 5 Element Diet. It isn’t a fad, it is an eternal system, which, if understood properly, will help you to learn all about what foods you need and need to avoid. You will learn about using your tongue and pulse to diagnose and moderate your energy, and you can even combine these techniques with meditation. Much of it, to truly understand it, will take time, and you will need to come to Wu-Tao-Di for classes. But, of course, much of it you can practice from home. Let me show you how, and you can even hire me to do Diet Journal screening. It doesn’t cost much, just the same price as an herbal consultation.[/accordion-item]


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