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Shifu’s Papers and the Pyramids of Kentucky Paper

Hi folks,
People always are asking about things I’ve written and where they can read them.
Of course this blog is a good place to start.

My latest paper, published at ResearchGate, is the “Great Pyramids of Kentucky.” I do hope you take the time to go and read, and leave me comments there.
Also, I have several papers in the genre of “Extended Plasma-electromagnetic Cosmology” (EPEMC). All are on the EU Gateway, but a convenient place to find printer-friendly PDF versions is at

These include on the following topics:

The paper I began writing these for, “Plasma Petroglyphs in KY and the Megafauna Extinction” is not yet complete, but if you keep checking back at the or EU Gateway, it should be out by next spring.

-Sf. Ramon

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