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I don’t usually share this story, not with the public. I might share or disclose it in the treatment room, but again usually only in pieces.

It’s important to do, and I apologize I haven’t. It’s important to know who and where I came from, and how the Zhongyi (Chinese Medicine) has changed my life.

Please understand, I did not start out this connected being doing Tai Chi for a living and have great kids, hiking all the time, etc… Rather, I was an atheist, know-it-all with unbalanced genetics. On one side depression and alcoholism and on the other side of the DNA fence waiting for me was bi-polar and BPD. When I was born, too, I was choked by the cord, and then starved for three months with pyloric stenosis, a rare growth abnormality.  I was born, and this is true, with a heart-shaped birthmark on my right SI4 (near the Heart source). It has been a sign of what I’m here for and what I need to work on (all the men on my father’s side have ‘unresolved heart chakras’) . But all of this I didn’t understand.

Like you I was raised to be ‘scientific’. I was prolific in school, but isolated. I was bullied for my name (Angel) as well as being smart and a smart-ass, you might say (a defense mechanism). By age 20 I had warts on the bottoms of my feet, and was getting more and more out of balance with my outer world. I had joined a martial arts lineage high in violence and hatred but low in self-control and mastery of the Self. Many of these I had inadvertently put off, and those I hadn’t would turn on me, some out of jealousy of my love for the art and my growth with the Qi, and some out of spite or politics.

In short, by age 24, all the hallmarks of early degradation were ready and available. Only three things saved me. First: the grace of God. In 2004 at age 21 I awakened to my purpose in life. The battle between the inner master to create the man you know in the clinic began with this disconnected egoic intellect. I began to meditate, do Tao Chi, Qi Gong, Shen Gong, and to abandon the dualistic and severing western philosophy and study Eastern philosophy.

In 2007, after some martial arts drama that had less to do with me than it did with problems in the system, I decided to leave Lexington and seek the true Kung. I joined PCOM in San Diego and albeit I admit I went (in my head) for the secret knowledge of Dim Mak, in truth my greater Self manifested and I became a healer. All my violence (though I was never a criminal!) and love for it turned to  ways to attack disease and help you conquer your health back.

By the time I left San Diego (and had already left that martial lineage) I was different. But still only early in my training. I had, using the Medicine and Qi gong, cleared my warts naturally, removed my chronic bronchitis (I’d had it since age 17), restored the Kidney channels, and was halfway to clearing the arthritic wind-cold from my body.

Within a couple years of practice I cam to learn that this process of change is called Neidan- alchemy – and it (and Medical Qigong) are now my principal forms of practice, and acupuncture is my instrument. I had become a fully integrated individual. All thanks to the saving grace of Shang Di (God), Tao, and Qi… I had recovered Te. Through God’s graces I was able to retain my honor in leaving the martial lineage and enter into a greater pathway above that one I had previously loved! My health was better, and continues to improve. I get to help people and not hurt them. How cool is that?

There are still bumps along the way as I continue to expulse Karma. Sometimes it is tough, really tough. But I was listening to a report today about how they plan to diagnose Depression using inflammation… the end-product of a series of karmic and energetic issues. I cannot help but feel a great swell of pity and compassion for those who need this. What should be a medical miracle towards a short term solution will become a lifelong crutch you don’t need!  I live free of medications, free of doctor’s visits, free of threat, and mobile and more Vital than I have been since age 22. I’m working my way backwards and I hope to beat my 18 year old body by age 40. By age 50 I want to be like a 14-16 year old.  I am very active, hike, play sports, etc… and avoid surgeries and use of steroids. I avoid allergies mostly and am slowly curing them.

I’ve uncovered untold secrets of the medicine that cannot be taught in schools and can share these with you. The Grid of the Mind. The 8 Laws and Five Phases (and the Five Element Diet). The Fibonacci secrets. The “Three Corpses and Five Poisons.” The secrets of the natural world, and feng shui. All these things come to me, for free.

I want to share these with you, set you free from the bonds of the past and your health. Help you to attain the Elixir Pill. No more reliance on doctors that barely look at you. Today I saw a patient had feet infections. No doctor would have prevented his eventual infection. He might have even lost his foot! How many places can you go to receive the information to attain Te, and to prevent early demise and increase your Vitality as well as learn to defend yourself? Only Blue Lotus and the school Wu-Tao-Di (together these are called a Kwoon.) There is not other place in this state to have this experience. I’m very proud and yet humbled by the responsibility I have to share these secrets with you.

Please allow me to give you a greater gift for you and your children than I ever could have imagined back when I was a know-it-all atheistic punk. Help me to help you. You’re worth it, and your kids and grand-kids are worth it. Right now that same patient is feeling in two points the transformation happening; his body is releasing trauma from a tree fall as a child (click to see proof). His whole body twitches and the pain of the blockages that cause him back pain and loss of vitality are coming out of the hand. I’ve helped 80 year olds feel Qi (literally free energy). I can help you, too. Enter this Path and be set free.

I am glad medical sciences are finding cool solutions for problems, but until they find the roots of diseases all they will create are more crutches and dependency. I want to set you free of this poisonous lifestyle. I avoided a lifetime of Clinical Depression (and still fight its tendencies but easier every-time)… help me to help you do the same! If not for you, for your kids (both in the house and in the genes which studies show are changing up through puberty). You can do it. Believe in yourself!

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