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This is a made up name for a real problem, it has been identified many times in religion and in many ways. But the way I am about to describe it is not the most common, however it is very simple to understand.

Shogun, face of conqueror

The Shogun was a Japanese hegemon or tyrant that ruled Japan with an iron fist, but in so doing usurped the rule of the land from the Emperors, whom were kept locked away and carted around like playing cards or precious gems, to be used, and even replaced, at their disposal. This was also the case in the Warring States and Three Kingdoms times in China.

So. How is this a disease?

The body is the Kingdom. YOU are the emperor or empress. The “Shogun” is a traitorous energy. It robs us of the buyant, life-affirming aspects of everyday life:

  • Singing
  • Laughter
  • Feeling Free
  • Happiness
  • Creativity
  • Friendship
  • Marriages
  • Relationships with family and kids

The only disease more ubiquitous among adults these days is what I call the Affliction (apathy, ignorance, outsourcing problems, and damp-hording, leading mostly to diabetes and obesity). But unlike the Affliction, this is something you cannot see just with your mind and then find the cure.

The Affliction is so common that there are books about it and the cures are in lots of places. Working out, expanding your mind, eating organic, getting involved, putting down the cell phone and talking to your kids, turning off the TV… these are readily talked about.

But what it is that AGES people and makes them heartsick, no one talks about. (Why is that?!)

That is Shogun’s Disease. It is a darkness that comes from “growing up” and taking on huge problems that actually invades your body at key strategic, structurally important locations, and makes you weary, tired, discontent, insomniatic, with tight neck, shoulders, headaches, bad dreams, and endless worries.

  • ST9 – the Vagus nerve AND thyroid; throat chakra
  • KI22 – gateway to the heart (chakra)
  • LU1 – disperser of correct immunity
  • UB14-16 – backdoor passes to the heart
  • KI27 – North Gate (door of death) above the Thymus gland
  • PC2 – heart protector
  • LI4 – Tiger’s mouth, a crucial pass in the defense of your lungs and sinuses, treats headaches
  • GB20 – wind gate (and worse)
  • GB21 – trapezius knot central
  • GB34 – master of senews, defender of lower body from restless energy

These are the points where those affected by a shadow will be held up, among other typical points for their pattern or constitution.

What is the cure for Shogun’s Disease?
Having fought with this problem myself for years (always taking the world’s pressures on, having ambitions, dreamer, etc…) I can think so far of only one permanent cure: Letting Go… carefree forgetfulness. Acupuncture, massage, reiki, yoga, and Tai Chi helps you get to this point.

This is why I advocate: keeping a Sabbath, hiking, biking, sports, playing with children, watching comedies, reading fantasies, and generally avoiding modern news programs, conspiracy theory forums, watching lots of war documentaries, and past-life regressions. Your Wei (immune) Qi can only handle so much before your thoracic breaks down your heart wavers, and then you give up on your dreams. And in an age where dreams are already hard to accomplish, why make this harder on yourself?

There is lots more to say, but it is all rooted in Chinese Cultural studies… but as the meditation masters say, “the inner is the outer.”

Try to remain lighthearted and young. you aren’t growing old, you’re growing mature. Just remember that. You are as old or young as what you hold on and so choose to be.
~Shifu Careaga

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