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In the medical world, the answer is generally – but not always – a good idea. The question is, “Is this true for acupuncture?” In many cases it’s not so much as needing a second opinion (unlike Western diagnoses almost no one in Chinese Medicine will use the same diagnosis between two doctors) as maybe a different approach.

It’s not necessarily true that your acupuncture isn’t working, either, whomever you’re with. As I explain in my article “Why isn’t acupuncture working“, it might be working in ways you cannot or will not see, or on conditions you don’t consider important but are blocking progress in areas you want to fix first.

We have a patient who is walking more and more every day and getting stronger all the time… won’t credit the acupuncture, and continues to take too many dietary supplements.

So if you have legitimate concerns your acupuncture is not working, try switching to one of our other practitioners, or talk with your non-BLHA provider and say “hey, can you try a different style or approach?” In our medicine we have all of these approaches:

  • Ortho-neuro
  • Ear/Auricular
  • Chinese deep tissue
  • Physical methods
  • Channel therapy
  • 5 Element
  • Japanese
  • Extra Point systems
  • Yin Yang
  • San Jiao
  • Wen Bing
  • Classical style
  • Shamanic
  • Zang-fu
  • Family lineages


So please realize we are trying the same style a few times to see a trend, and if you do not give time for that trend, that doesn’t necessarily mean it isn’t working. But also it cannot hurt to compare and contrast with a different style. As a patient, that is your right to ask, no different than approaching two surgeons for different ways to fix an ACL or rotator cuff.


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