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Signal & Pulse

It will be helpful, somewhat, if the reader is familiar with the two works by the author,

  1. “Clinical Electric Field Measurements”
  2. “Charge Distribution Networks (CDN) as Meridians”

Both are part of a larger work towards an understanding of the body in terms of the Electric Universe or more appropriately, Plasma-electromagnetic Cosmology. In the case of the former, the goal is to create a diagnostic and health tool based upon evidenced electric field (Ef) behavior. In the second paper, a case is made that this diagram below is a fractal/continuous wave model, couched in terms of analog circuit theory of both the body’s acupoints and meridians:

CDN, copyright: Ramon Careaga
CDN as a meridian or point







This model has to provide functionality of both acupoints and meridians, as well as remain viable to explain observable pathophysiology in biomedicine, such as infection, inflammation, pain, and issues of energy transfer (for instance in muscles).

In the paper, I briefly covered the subject of “pulse” (mai, 脈),

“Regardless of [the pulse taking] method, the diagnostic of the “pulse” signal is not merely integer data, or pressure data. But the training required to acquire this diagnostic skill is formidable, and basically expensive. Theoretically if medical students started their first year with a true pulse log, they could learn to receive and correctly interpret these signals in clinical practice and use after 10-20 years, depending on wisdom, insight, innate capacity for learning, and access to the control box for their own energies.  This is unacceptable. A machine device could do it in seconds, reliably, with cross-reference to billions of cases via digital storage, and could interpret them, and then a well trained clinician can verify the results (and improve their own understanding).

This is but one type of signal. Other signals, such as cardiac waves, brain waves, neurochemical markers, etc… could be introduced. The possibilities would be endless.” (p. 22)

What got me thinking, however, was the Dan Tian.

Briefly: the Dan Tian (丹田)

The Dan Tian are three regions that function as the Chinese equivalent to the concept of chakras. An extensive discussion of these is found in my pre-EPEMC work, “Scalar Magnetic Waves and Qi,”

in which they are described as spiraling fields of energy. Tian is literally a field, as the character means a field (for farming), but I cannot help but wonder if the conceptualization is essentially the same as the early physicists’ conceptualization of magnetism!

But in my new model, rather than fields, either electric or magnetic, my thoughts turn towards signals (RF) and their propagation. As no one has yet verified the existence of scalar magnetic waves, and it remains to be proven if Qi could be scalar electric (or magnetic) waves, then we must instead focus for the moment  upon something more concrete.

The 3 Dan Tian are as follows: the brow or 3rd eye is the upper, the heart or chest chakra is the middle, and the region just below and internal to the navel (or sometimes just the navel) is the lower dan tian. Sometimes the latter is simply called The Dan Tian, because of its importance in the maintenance of health.

Supposing the Pulse as a ‘substance’ in TCM belongs to the Middle Jiao’s dan tian and the Intellect governs the ability of the 3rd eye (upper dantian) to open, shut, be enlightened and connected, ‘present’, aware, or deluded and the source of confusion)… then what shall be the substance of the lower Dan Tian?


Backtracking somewhat, in the ancient days, there were alchemists both in Europe and in China. The Chinese alchemists were focused (as the Qabbalists were) upon not only outer alchemy (waidan, that is the formation of elixir pills called Dan, same character as before), but upon inner alchemy (neidan). What constituted the central pillar or point, of this arcane, abstruse Secret and often Sacred Science? What was the Sorcerer’s Stone that turned lead into gold? We know, it was not a chemical means to turn lead into gold. It was a metaphor for the transcendence of temporal suffering into the bliss of acceptance of the situation, in order to “enter the kingdom,” as Jesus put it.  The Chinese were not without the suffering of fools who mixed up actual mercury and actual lead with herbs and took them in pills (not knowing the correct process for the creation of secret Taoist dan), and many died. However, with neidan, the approach was far more subtle. It involved breathing and exercises, meditation and focused movement of the Qi (Ru’ach, Prajna, “medicine” for native Americans) into different regions for specific purposes.

Clinically, I have seen that an unhealthy person will invariably suffer from the following signs in concordance with stress breathing and “fight or flight syndrome”:

  1. Wiry pulse
  2. Shortened breath, utilizing neck muscles
  3. Qi not descending the chest or extending to the fingers and toes
  4. Chakra circular cessation
  5. Irritability
  6. Metabolic stasis (various)
  7. Mental acuity then vacuity (first too sharp, then dull)
  8. Flaring vagus nerves, rigid, wiry, swollen, possibly other thyroid signs
  9. Abdominal changes (various)
  10. Cravings or even addictions or impulses/obsessions.
pulse wave

There are a host of other symptoms which appear, such as red or yellow eyes, anemia/tongue , but these aren’t central to the discussion. What is central is this: in the above cases the heartbeat Pulse rises up in the chest, and can even enter the cranial cavity. This is observable when the treatment or massage commences and early on involuntary throbbing is spotted in the neck (which is likely red and tender), and descends. In some cases this heartbeat cannot re-enter the epigastrium and be below the sternum until a dry “wave” enters the throat, causing a choking sensation, cough, gag (phlegm), or burning lips (chong mai channel).  

So if the Pulse signal (as a substance in TCM) is within the cranium or neck, or upper chest (say during flu or an angry fight)… and struggles to return to the heart region and settle below the ribs: what is the pulse that most feel in their chest?  I have found, clinically, that this is the other signal from the Dan Tian which ideally is below the navel or at least throbbing within the navel (such as in alchemical work, simulating the stereotypical ‘baby’) and is riding up in the heart. In other words: water is putting out fire, and the adrenals are strangling the heart (via the renin-angiotensin-aldosterone mechanism).

Dan Tian vs low back

I have chosen, for lack of a better idea (other than using some obscure term from the inner alchemical text, the Yellow Court Classic), to call this second signal problematic, water-controlled substance which invades the chest: Signal. You see, it cannot be Will (Zhi) because Will is stored in the right kidney, and Essence (jing) in the left kidney. I have personally felt the release of Qi in the right kidney during a moment of life-or-death, stuck on a log in the Red River. So Signal cannot be literally the same cocktail of hormone signals propagating through channels, nerves, and muscle tissue as Will (which is a cocktail of mostly adrenaline and testosterone related hormones).  It must be the energetic signal stored proximal to the Sacral chakra known as the Minister’s Fire (mingmen or bright gate), but which resides in the “Sea of Qi” below the navel, in region 3 of breathing. This Signal it seems is partially volumetric (breath related), partially bioenergetic or neural, and partially sexual, being related to libido and orgasm. It is the area where the liver “dredges the well” before the Qi enters the lungs at 3am. Consequently, as it is a junction region of so many types of physiology which are foundational for daily health as well as lifestyle, health, and vitality it would seem rather unusual that it isn’t one of the most talked about topics in Chinese Medicine or schools of TCM. Though the Kidney school focuses upon the Kidney Yang and Yin, upon Essence, and upon Will, there is little to no discussion about the Signal. It is easier to find yogic and tantric alchemical discussions, especially regarding sex, semen retention, and age-reversal, than it is to find reliable day-to-day meaningful advice regarding this. Or Pulse for that matter. These are the primal water and fire, respectively, and yet they are consistently left out of the “Vital substances” discussion (Jing-essence, Qi-breath, Shen-spirit… and Xue-blood).  See: Dragon-Tiger Classic or Xingming-Guizhi


Pulse has been referred to in some formulas, such as “generate the pulse decoction”, but it was always assumed to be a matter of strengthening the contractive power of the heart; sort of a Chinese Co-Q10.  But as a separate vital substance, whoever heard of running out of Pulse? And no one ever heard of running out of Signal!

When I was in Shaolin gongfu, going 5-6 days a week, my pulse decreased to 48 bpm. Yes I was also meditating (and wrestling)! It was so low, that by the time I started Chinese Medicine school I learned I actually had a “skipping pulse.” This was quite a shock to me. In the west, having a low, low pulse was considered low BP and therefore healthy cardiovascular. But in TCM, anything below or above 60 bpm (1 HZ) was considered unhealthy. I might as well have had cardiovascular disease. Because, if anything, my life was being shortened. It’s cliche, but that joke about the TCM doctor,
“Q: Doctor, I’ve heard that cardiovascular exercise can prolong life. Is this true?

A: Heart only good for so many beats, and that it… Don’t waste on exercise. Everything wear out eventually. Speeding up heart not make you live longer; it like saying you extend life of car by driving faster. Want to live longer? Take nap.”

Obviously this is tongue-in-cheek. Of course some CVE will be good for anyone, but as the old saying goes, “everything in moderation.” Today we have millions of people in the US living under this mistaken assumption that more is better. But what the model and the concept of Signal and Pulse suggests, actually, is a radically different outtake.

Rather than not using it (having no vitality) or over-using it, Signal and Pulse are best if moderately used. This irreligious belief is not actually revolutionary. Many have known, for example, that moderate sexual activity trumps excessive activity in terms of long term health in back, knees, and vitality. But the question is, what are we prepared to do about utilizing these signals diagnostically? Until we have a machine, it has to be done clinically, which means individual TCM doctors and massage therapists, reiki people, etc… have to start looking specifically for these signals. While the concepts are not revolutionary (only succinctly named instead of obscure references to tigers and rabbits or metal and wood, etc…), the model is revolutionary.  For the first time we have a description of why moderate behavior is appropriate. Why do young, super healthy athletes die suddenly, and why do celibate monks report long vitality or strength? Why are women particularly affected by plum pit Qi (throat-hysteria), or thyroid conditions (the organ of water-fire mixture)? Not merely because of the Chong Meridian – whatever that is. But because of the movement and ascension of the Signal is counterflow to the normal physiology in women for menstruation, and the uterus is a large muscular organ capable of producing such a signal (with accompanying hormones) that defeats the zener diode, or even causes reverse transformation. This condition, in TCM, has been even called “yin fire” (not deficient heat), and characterizes the rise of the mingmen/lumbar heat source into the heart.

The implication of the subject of Pulse and Signal is that both are not nearly studied enough, or succinctly enough, in modern terms so that the student will recognize without resorting to studying ancient Taoist manuscripts of meditation or daoyin (yoga) exercises for terminology not available in either TCM curricula or biomedical literature. A pulse as a mechanical wave or a P-wave in the heart is a part of the solution to the mystery of Pulse, but unfortunately does not describe its tendency to rise up in the chest, throat, and even into the head. Perhaps if a described bridge from the RAA to sympathetic nervous system mechanism were discovered or concisely expanded upon, it would completely describe the issue of Pulse.

But, considering we do not as of yet totally understand expiration (death), and why the heart is so central to the process, while even brain damage can be overcome, it seems to me that Pulse is still a ways off from total discovery. Also, consider the research into hearts predicting forthcoming signals (in the form of images on a computer), and even disastrous events, and consider how the brain can even know it is already dead. Isn’t the mystery of why the Chinese called the heart-mind the same character (xin, 心) that much more interesting, than to simply say “they didn’t know any better?”  It seems from my readings that TCM doctors knew very well where thinking was going on, but for them, the greater mystery was indeed how one can live from a head injury but will absolutely die if the heart stops beating… and basically all at once. Around the world people were willing to perform head surgeries for dozens of thousands of years, but whoever heard of heart surgery until the modern era?

As for Signal, most of the practical advice for the management of Vital Force, Life Force, etc… has fallen into two as of yet unscientific categories: 1) Life-practices, such as yoga or Taiji or meditation and 2) sexual yoga, ranging from seminal retention to mudras to tantric sex practices from the Kama sutra or Egypt to menstrual cycle cessation, etc… aimed at controlling physical substances (materia over anima). But chemical analysis of semen itself, or of sperm, have not yielded proof of anything magical about the chemistry of sperm (no panacea). As for cessation of menses the point is a bit moot, no modern women practice “cutting the red dragon” as they either have birth control or don’t believe in “turning male” via this method, and most simply do not have interest or access. So while stopping blood loss on paper sounds reasonable (all blood costs essence to produce, literally from the marrow), realistically there’s no evidence that this enhances the Vitality and lifestyle of the woman. But unlike this practice, semen retention has remained a common practice, even amongst champion athletes and boxers, as well as ascetics. Why does this practice yield benefit if semen is not very special chemically?

I believe that the answer lies in the concept of “the seed” (or nut) which is actually a potentially nickel-sized accumulation of charge Signal (ions, maybe?) which forms when semen and sperm reach high thresholds, and perhaps spikes when lunar phases or situations induce testosterone peaks. This ball of energy flows outward in most circumstances with seminal ejaculation, and can lead to weak legs and sleepiness. It is no wonder that the Chinese doctors felt that seminal loss meant that Jing was being lost excessively. The essence here, though is wholly different from DNA or marrow, or fluid sources (like the eyes). And certainly there are times when seminal loss causes spikes in testosterone, rather than drops. So what, then is “lost” in that seed-ball which weakens men and makes them perhaps less strong as time goes on and the behavior is excessive for the age they are at? I believe that Signal may hold the answer. In which case, the control of Signal, separating or preventing it from leaving, is what is important – not the sperm and semen itself. Similarly, in women, the retention of Signal, despite not having a prostate, seminal vesicle or testicles, may actually be crucial to the foundational health and protection of the thyroid.

Nationwide women are working harder than ever, in terms of hours without rest, and it is manifesting in  the thyroid epidemic. Women also do tend to age physically, much worse, though they live longer. Perhaps they are weaker in Signal (on average), but stronger in Pulse? Is the weakness of Pulse the explanation for difficult birthing and even unexpected death during birthing? Is the lack of Pulse, and not taking pulse restorative herbs or placenta pill afterwards, what leads to a rise in risk of postpartum depression? Signal should be strong if pregnancy is carried to term, so is there a Pulse/Signal axis, as proposed by the neidan texts but is it specific to OBGYN related issues?

There are many questions that arise from the bio-energetic (fluid, electrical, and hormonal) separation of these ‘substances’ from the physiological or even outright chemical behavior found in metabolic, cardiovascular, and reproductive processes.  Also, the reciprocals of exercise and rest, and their effects upon those systems, may be similarly explained in the model, with the treatment of the battery as storage not only of essence and will (yang essence), but of Signal and Pulse as well.

The other implication may also be this: that there is a signal for the head as well, such that if dislodged, physiologically and not only chemically, it may move about the head and disturb the brain, causing headaches. Or perhaps any organ has a centralized signal-substance, which acts as the “po” (bodily soul) of the organ, which in coming loose “deranges” the body, especially the heart.

But most importantly, and I cannot emphasize this enough, this explains the concept of bing/xie Qi as it pertains to invasive Qi which stay permanently. You see, after an infection, according to the west, there really is no reason to think a virus, or a bacteria, should remain within the system. Chronic Lyme is not allowed. Yet latent pathogens (such as hepatitis) do exist. And Chronic Lyme behaves exactly as Gu (parasitic) Qi predicts. Why should that be? Why should a rape or PTSD energy signature become related to stomach, colon, or pancreatic cancer? Why should brain stress create hernias and ulcers, diverticula and colitis? Why should a whiplash show up 6 months to a year later, and create symptoms which extend for decades, eventually penetrating (as if hacking) the brain into worse and worse headaches?

In one case I had, a wasp sting caused symptoms like shingles, and when the Qi was released it smelled of tanning lotion, and as it turned out, the Toxin Qi (Du Qi) was excessive due to tanning bed habits decades before and even still. The wasp sting just put the skin beyond the “circuit breaker” (limit or threshold). The fuse in the circuit model explains this behavior. But more importantly the transfer of energy in terms of charge from one area to another, often via reception of a signal (scalar or analog is unimportant right now) is the mechanism. The wasp venom was long removed, but what wasn’t removed quickly enough (according to her body’s pain receptors) was the signal (Du Qi) it absorbed and was unable to disperse.

Finally, think about the battle in TCM classics that takes place between the Yuan or Zheng Qi (healthy) and Bing Qi (disease). It is not only viral or infectious. It is all sorts of Qi. And furthermore, the use of the dantian to breath and generate Pulse in the chest, while also reducing thoughts in the intellect (prefrontal cortex): is a perfect description of true alignment. For it is said that Zheng Qi and Bing Qi cannot reside together in the same region. Isn’t it true that when the patient feels near to pushing out the disease or some malady they have come for, the heartbeat quickens, breath shortens, and sometimes even sweat arises? This is the restoration of Signal and Pulse to their houses, and the removal of a conglomeration of unwholesome charge in the CDN (meridians and points)!

There is much work to be done, still, in the pursuit of understanding these. My request of TCM practitioners is to try earnestly to differentiate all of these matters in order to explore them both traditionally and scientifically, and  concurrently. As for patients that may be reading this, my advice is to cultivate the storage of Pulse and Signal as readily, if not much more so than Qi-energy and Jing-essence. In some cases Shen spirit may bring with it a preponderance of Pulse, and better control of Signal (such as natural moderation in one’s behaviors). NatGeo’s Blue Zone project definitely demonstrated that the world’s most long lived peoples are all spiritual, without exception, and practice a day of rest.  Perhaps, from a classical PEMC standpoint, this is the reason, and not that God loves some people more, or that laziness is better than workaholism. Perhaps the vagaries of each case are a complex non-linear calculation of the strength of Pulse:Signal ratio. Whatever the case may be, more research definitely seems worthwhile.

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