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There are a LOT of (unfortunately) secrets about Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture. Things you might want to know, because you never know when you need to.

  1. Did you know that we have license massage therapists who are ready to assist you in your home or at our locations?
  2. Did you know we provide free emergency Physical exams screening, and our urine screens are only $5? So why go to Urgent Care and wait when you can walk in and get primary level care and referral right away?
  3. Did you know that we can write your LabCorps for your labs, and you don’t have to wait (unless your insurance says so) for a referral from your doctor? That could save weeks to months. And the consultation if you’re new is only $30, while if you are a patient, is free.
  4. Did you know we can do services on Trade/barter? For example, right now we are needing computer programming, artwork, green shrubbery, and more. It doesn’t hurt to ask!
  5. Did you know that we can travel? We only charge for travel over 10 miles, and by the hour. So many times it is possible to get the session at the normal rate or not much more. We treat elderly, handicapped, dementia, almost anything!
  6. Did you know we can do special services like Placental Encapsulation, external liniments, herbal wines, etc…?
  7. Did you know that we can teach yoga, tai chi, qi gong, etc… not only in the clinic but in your home!?
  8. Did you know that we have space to sublease/rent in Berea? Whether you are doing community work or yoga private sessions, the space may be perfect for you!
  9. Did you know that we are taking applications all the time for acupuncturists and front desk reception/book-keeping?
  10. Did you know that if you are an acupuncturist, you can outsource your company work to us, and join our BLHA family, or even open a new BLHA clinic (with or without our branding), at your location? If you’re in the KY/OH/IN/TN/WV area we want to talk to you!

There are many more secrets of BLHA. Not the least of which is our upcoming opening of the Wu Tao Di Academy. Go here to read more! Get involved in something expansive and fun, deep, full of wisdom, and life-changing!

Thanks, and we hope to share more secrets with you soon,

Shifu Careaga

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