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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”The Odd Depression”] OK, two confessions. First, I didn’t eat the breadsticks to “herb taste” them. I was guilty of some good old fashioned KY salt cravings. I wasn’t particularly stressed.. I just wanted some salty breadsticks. Secondly, I first become a breadstick fan when I worked at Fazoli’s from age 16-18. I...
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Long before the advent of hair-thin sterilized steel needles, Acupuncturists used stones and even small animal bones to stimulate points on the human body. Three thousand years ago, during the Shang Dynasty, hieroglyphs of acupuncture and moxibustion appeared in inscriptions on tortoise shells and bones. Animal products like tiger bone were widely used to strengthen...
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by Arwen Careaga, L.Ac. “Harriet never minded admitting she didn’t know something, ‘So what,’ she thought, ‘I could always learn.’” -Louise Fitzhugh, Harriet the Spy I have been answering the phones for Blue Lotus since the beginning. During that time, I have heard a lot of questions. Some of them are predictable, some of them are...
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by Arwen Careaga, L.Ac., MSTOM  I saw a young lady today. Some of her symptoms were obvious, others I surmised. But wait, there’s a catch! The patient: female, approximately 22 years old The symptoms: loose bowel movements, occasionally urgent and burning acne along the jawline thirst for cold beverages with no desire to drink anything...
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Dear Moms, I see you. I see that you have a kid, maybe a couple of kids. I see that you are smiling, although there’s undoubtedly more to motherhood than appearances suggest. I see that you are busy – wiping faces, giving hugs, driving people, feeding people… I hear you. I hear you say that...
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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”Trading for Treatments”] Still trading $-for-$ for each of the following items: Asian, Indian, or Native American Art Office and some occasional home furnishings – just ask Services rendered to the clinic East Asian books, 50% of cover price Email us or call 859-333-7764 to speak with Leticia Newton about what you have...
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