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Acupuncture Berea
Want to be a part of the largest and fastest growing acupuncture group in Kentucky?  Blue Lotus Health and Acupuncture is looking for 5 exceptional practitioners to join us over the next year. We are living our vision of bringing acupuncture to areas that are under-served throughout Kentucky and even neighboring states, and we need...
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We have a new Affiliate in the Richmond area: Richmond Family Chiropractic, Dr. Daniel Rogers, a graduate of the famed Palmer College of Chiropractics (just like Dr. Pelfrey next door in Lexington!). Please take a look at our Affiliates Map and you will find his information there as well as an easy way to get...
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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”Need a place for your single practice?”] We are located on prime real estate in Berea, right above Berea Coffee & Tea on Main St, inside the vaunted Healing Arts Center. we have the largest suite with a great view of the triangle “downtown” (towards the college). We are looking for an alternative...
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Ever wish you could get a better joint supplement than Glucosimine, Chondroitin, and CSM? Well, actually you can. In Lexington, there is a local company that sells a product called Baxyl. Baxyl is 100% Hyaluronic Acid, or Hyaluronan, the very same substance that your cartilage tissue produces to lubricate your synovial joints. Furthermore, although your...
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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”Rewarding you for choosing health!”] Our family plans and chronic pain plans provide massive discounts for you and your family. We increase the savings (per treatment) with increasing frequency. For example, a single pay patient can expect acupuncture to cost $95 (no initial consultation fee). However, if they come once a week for...
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