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  Jook, also known as, congee is a kind of rice porridge eaten throughout Asia. It is very gentle on the digestive system so it is perfect for people who are currently ill, recovering from illness, or people who may feel run down or have a weak digestion. You don’t have to have anything wrong...
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  Have you ever been in a situation where everyone you live with comes down with the cold and you fear that you’re next? Or have you ever been on a plane and the person next to you keeps sneezing? ….Enter Jade Windscreen Powder (Yu Ping Feng San). Jade Windscreen Powder (Yu Ping Feng San)...
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The Centers for Disease Control issued a health advisory warning that this year’s flu vaccine is less effective than normal. According to the report, 91% of cases nationwide have been a strain of Type A (H3N2) Influenza, which is the most severe strain. The vaccine produced for this season has been effective in only 48%...
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