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Just so people are aware, there are profound effects upon your CDN-meridians caused by the movement of magnetospheres and changing electric fields in the solar system. I’ve covered some of the lunar effects in my research, but suffice it to say the planets, especially Jupiter and Saturn have profound fields which radiate tons of material....
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Signal & Pulse It will be helpful, somewhat, if the reader is familiar with the two works by the author, “Clinical Electric Field Measurements” “Charge Distribution Networks (CDN) as Meridians” Both are part of a larger work towards an understanding of the body in terms of the Electric Universe or more appropriately, Plasma-electromagnetic Cosmology. In...
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The Wu-Tao-Di Academy is all about promoting actual scholarship and learning. To start off this series, I’d like to discuss the Chinese concept of “elements,” itself a poor choice of translation and for conveying the meaning. If I can point you to more information, I will. Before beginning I want to briefly – very briefly...
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In the ancient days, there was no microscope or petri-dish culture to help the doctor understand rot and disease associated with fluids and humidity. Nowadays we know about bacteria, mold, yeast, and insulin issues. We know that these things are related to skin issues, acne, digestive irregularities, UTI, leukorrhea, cataracts, diabetes, and more elusive things...
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