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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”TAI CHI IN BEREA”] Classes now offered during the day in Berea Clinic. Tuesdays at 11:30am Patients get a discount on memberships and quarterly prices. Come try a class for free! -Sf. Ramon Careaga
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Most of what Americans know about the rest of the world is skewed by media and white-washing of history and culture from the outside world. This is no different when considering China and her imported treasures, including what has commonly come to be called “Kung Fu.” [pullquote align=”right”]“The Orient and Islam have a kind of...
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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”What’s the Scientific Basis for Chinese Medicine?”] Science – not Scientism (the worship of sciences and technology) – is a process of discovery of what NOT to believe. It is based on empiricism, because all data is subjective, some more some less. Many people seem to have missed this lesson in their studies,...
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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”You can book online!”] Right now I am accepting new private students for Taiji (Tai Chi), Bagua, and Qigong in Lexington! What is the advantage of Tai Chi? “Karate Yoga” – the movement benefits of martial arts and yoga combined with exercise WHO supports it for Osteopenia/porosis due to proven clinical trials Proven...
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Qi Gong Qi Gong (Chi Kung) literally means Energy/life-force Skill. The Gong is the same as the Gong of Gong Fu (Gung Fu). This implies excellence. Yang Shen, or Nourishing Life, is a sub-study of Qi Gong. In general, Qi Gong can be divided into yin and yang, or water and fire methods. In the...
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