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In TCM, there are 6 main types of headaches. I’d also like to add four more, and discuss ways of dealing with them. Taiyang (frontal & occipital) Causes: Qi deficiency, wind-cold attack, excessive thinking, and glucose imbalances. Treatments: Typically speaking, all of these have a root in qi deficiency or qi taxation. The main thing...
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Cold & Flu Explained The west has a lot of newfangled ideas about how colds, caused by rhinovirus, and flu, caused by the influenza retrovirus, are caught and treated. I say newfangled, because prior to the 1950’s,¬†everyone around the world knew about the connection between a medical condition called Exposure, and cold and flu. Famously...
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There are three important things that the patient should know about Chinese Herbs before starting. Chinese Herbalism is unlike any other form in the world in that it is a medicine of cocktail-prescriptions. Each herb comes from different areas of the plant and may have completely different properties, that when mixed together perform a synergistic...
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[responsive][/responsive] Chinese herbalism is quite ancient. Disputes always arise between traditionalists and historians as to exactly how old, whether it is 2000 or more like 3,500 years old. But in general, the main point is that herbalism is both old and quite safe. However, the form of practice is the main difference. In many systems,...
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