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So the data is now coming back. First there is a lot of science which pre-existed Coronavirus, which clearly shows that disease pathogenesis and pathology is increased in closed quarters. This is not controversial in science (while “social distancing” as a hypothesis was completely untested), it is well known even in epidemiology, for example like pericarditis/endocarditis,...
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So… lockdowns have proven, as I predicted, to be unscientific hypotheses which were ineffective in preventing infections. Families are 18x more likely to spread the disease (which travels by surface), according to Japanese research. However, the thing that we can see is the clear change in death rate per infection after March 23rd, 2020, and...
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Some patients are aware that I am an altstream scientist, not just with Chinese Medical science, but also Plasma-electromagnetic Cosmology. These two altstream paradigms give me drastically different conclusions from the mainstream, not just with Coronavirus, but business, life, health, everything. I DO interact with the mainstream, but I tend to gravitate towards non-gravity based...
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Nourishing Life 養 生 What is “Essential” for life? Our medicine is one of the Nourishing Life sciences of the ancient days. So what is essential? Chinese Medicine deals regularly with 3 of the 5 essential substances of the body (excluding blood transfers and saliva work): Qi /vapor/breath Spirit /psyche/mind Essence /life-energy By definition, the purpose...
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Looking into the origins of hydroxyquinolone, I was struck by the mysterious origins of its progenitor Nalidixic Acid. Could it be that the synthesis of the quinolone family of antibiotics was actually borrowed from Chinese Medicine? So looking at the herbal formula that we can use to treat the symptoms of phlegm and cool-dryness for...
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