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I’m not singling out a single doctor or condition or even specialty practice. But I do often see mistakes (from western and eastern points of view) when patients come in. I’d like to address the top 5 that you – as the OWNERS of your health – need to be aware of. Not touching, observing,...
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Wu-Tao-Di Articles are for sophisticated students and patients. In each we try to explore the Chinese sciences, culture, medicine, and martial arts a little further to broaden our understanding and depth vis-a-vis the language and literature of Chinese antiquity. “Wu-Tao-Di Research Article 3: He 合 Points” Normally a 合 ‘he’ (huh) point has been translated in...
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A heavy heart is hard to live with. That’s why laughter is the best medicine. Today on this yang day I want to remind all of my patients and friends that the secrets of longevity are a dense body, but not a dense heart or heavy one. The methods of alleviating pressure from the heart...
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  ‘Treating a disease after it has manifested is like digging a well after you are thirsty…’ – Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic This quote is taken from a classical Chinese Medical text written about 2,500 years ago. Prevention of disease has always been a significant aspect of Chinese medicine. When patients come in for acupuncture...
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This is a made up name for a real problem, it has been identified many times in religion and in many ways. But the way I am about to describe it is not the most common, however it is very simple to understand. The Shogun was a Japanese hegemon or tyrant that ruled Japan with...
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