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In the medical world, the answer is generally – but not always – a good idea. The question is, “Is this true for acupuncture?” In many cases it’s not so much as needing a second opinion (unlike Western diagnoses almost no one in Chinese Medicine will use the same diagnosis between two doctors) as maybe...
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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”Announcing a LMT for our Elizabethtown Patients!”] Grace Schwartz, LMT Born in Kentucky, and raised along the southern Connecticut coastline, I returned to find a “Healing Sea.” In 2008, I graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage therapy, and by 2011, chose to specialize in myofascial release. Residing in Lexington naturally led me...
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Long before the advent of hair-thin sterilized steel needles, Acupuncturists used stones and even small animal bones to stimulate points on the human body. Three thousand years ago, during the Shang Dynasty, hieroglyphs of acupuncture and moxibustion appeared in inscriptions on tortoise shells and bones. Animal products like tiger bone were widely used to strengthen...
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