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If you ask how most people are doing and if they’re really honest with you, they’ll probably say their lives are crazy or busy or stressful. It seems that most of us today live fast paced and stress-filled lives. Between deadlines at work, information overload from smart phones and the internet, to managing finances, we’re...
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Qigong is a gentle exercise form that originated in China thousands of years ago. Some people call it a “moving meditation.” ┬áThere are many different forms of qigong and also many benefits to regular practice. The most common forms of qigong usually involve very slow, fluid body movements synchronized with breathing. There is also a...
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[separator headline=”h2″ title=”Be still as a Mountain, Move like a Great River”] Many people have heard of Tai Chi, but not nearly enough has been said that is accurate. First of all, Tai Chi is not “for old people.” While it is true that it is more enjoyable to people who can hold their attention...
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