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AMEX (AXP) is a liar and/or incompetent Folks, I do not get personal with our business on here lightly. I am here to warn you about the danger of American Express as a credit vendor, and their fraudulent activities. If you have them, try to pay them off and close the account, and you will...
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Dear Veterans, Triwest has not been forthcoming about paying their bills. This isn’t a surprise, it’s a statistical fact in our case, as is well documented. What you may not know is that there is not only a battle for the new CCN contract (click to read RFP) (they lost PC3 in 2016) but Triwest...
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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”Dear Veterans, and VA/Program’s Administration”] It is with deep frustration (at 6am Sunday morning) and much reluctance that I am writing to inform you that we are terminating our provision of services to veterans due to non-compliance by our debtors TriWest Healthcare Alliance. To be brief, when in November, 2015 we approached TriWest...
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