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This month I’ve seen a lot of people struggle with sinus infections and nasal congestion from the common cold. Here are some self-care regimens that you can perform at home to ease the pain and pressure in the head, as well as difficulty breathing associated with sinusitis and the cold.  It’s especially useful to do...
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What if I were to reveal to you the extent to which your body is the culprit of how you feel? Would you believe me? Would you cease to feel guilty for all of your mood swings, anxiety, anger outbursts, etc…? At least cease to feel excessively guilty. Believe it or not, probably 60-70% of...
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The Chinese “5 Elements” are actually more like Five Phases or seasons. They are winter, spring, summer, late-summer, and autumn or Water, Wood, Fire, Earth, and Metal. Each “Element” or “phase of energy” is associated with one of several things: Viscera – an organ that “stores” energy; Fire = heart, Wood = liver, Water =...
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Many patients have asked me about how to enhance their longevity and quality of life. I am happy to report that there is indeed built into Chinese philosophy the aspects most sought out by Americans and Baby Boomers! It is called Yang (yawng) Shen (shinn) or Nourishing Life (Jap: Yojokun). To discuss this I will...
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In TCM, there are 6 main types of headaches. I’d also like to add four more, and discuss ways of dealing with them. Taiyang (frontal & occipital) Causes: Qi deficiency, wind-cold attack, excessive thinking, and glucose imbalances. Treatments: Typically speaking, all of these have a root in qi deficiency or qi taxation. The main thing...
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