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heart disease
Herbal tasting was never so good! Ok, seriously, where do I get off “herb tasting” meat (and meat products)? It turns out, that aside from the culinary perspective of enjoying meat, the Chinese really believe in the (obvious) healing power of animal products. Mankind’s evolution and people’s healing rates both show, that animal products do...
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This is a made up name for a real problem, it has been identified many times in religion and in many ways. But the way I am about to describe it is not the most common, however it is very simple to understand. The Shogun was a Japanese hegemon or tyrant that ruled Japan with...
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Heart Disease has been linked to so many things: smoking, diet, stress, alcohol, cholesterol, apnea, insomnia, lack of exercise, certain medications, kidney/liver failure, gingivitis. Is there anything it is NOT related to these days? Hence the most common response to this topic is, very naturally: FEAR. False Evidence Appearing Real To understand heart disease, you...
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