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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”Basic Physics Predicts Chronic Athletic Injuries”] If you have any questions, please contact myself or Drew Watts, our personal training/coach Affiliate at Next Level off National Avenue. ~Sf. Ramon Careaga
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There are a number of main knee conditions from the standpoint of Western and Eastern medicine. Between the two, Western medicine is by far the better at diagnosing and returning athletes to training/use. But Eastern medicine (including massage) is much better SOC (standard of care) for other populations. Why? Quite simple, really… Western medicine relies...
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The legs Part 1 – the Sclerosa Highway Arty chuckled a bit, and dopishly pointed to Sclerosa with his thumb ,”she’s the one whose really ¬†got the veins,doc, check these out,” he said crassly but before he could get at Sclerosa, she pulled away. “It’s okay, I don’t have to see them,” Emily said soothingly,...
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