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Kung Fu
Now Selling Panther Totem herbal items – Cherokee made! We are now Retailers of the local brand “Panther Totem Blessings”, made by Judy Bagan. We have in stock the Super Salve and Coca G Plus lotion, as well as some honey coming in soon! Prices are all under $20! Shifu’s YouTube Channels Here’s the latest...
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Most of what Americans know about the rest of the world is skewed by media and white-washing of history and culture from the outside world. This is no different when considering China and her imported treasures, including what has commonly come to be called “Kung Fu.” [pullquote align=”right”]“The Orient and Islam have a kind of...
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This is a question we get a LOT. People want to know what it is. Traditionally speaking, of course, Chinese philosophers have struggled to define Qi (Chi) and end up by saying “Qi is everything, so it is undefinable.”   This doesn’t sit well with Westerners who have a pigeonhole for everything in the modern...
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