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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”Announcing a LMT for our Elizabethtown Patients!”] Grace Schwartz, LMT Born in Kentucky, and raised along the southern Connecticut coastline, I returned to find a “Healing Sea.” In 2008, I graduated from the Connecticut Center for Massage therapy, and by 2011, chose to specialize in myofascial release. Residing in Lexington naturally led me...
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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”Looking for Art and Furniture”] As you may or may not know, we are expanding (again) and that means we need YOUR help. We will be needing trades in Asian and alternative (but not too far out) art, furniture (especially shelving), paint and contract labor, etc… to help us make BLHA beautiful. If...
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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”Please welcome: Fawn Rangel!!”] [testimonial author=”Biography”] “Fawn Rangel is a native Californian who earned her Master’s of Traditional Oriental Medicine from the Pacific College of Oriental Medicine through a 4-year/3200 hour program. Fawn is also a Massage Therapist. She will be available for Tuina treatments starting October 7th! With a special interest in...
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