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mental health
Obsession, Compulsion, Addiction, and Phobias all fall into the category in Chinese Medicine of “disorders of the Shen-Qi” Now I want to be clear here… just because you have any of the above does not make you “shen disturbed” which is a particular state of hyper or hypoactive Qi. But I would say that these...
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FEAR False evidence appearing real? Face everything and rise? What is fear? And what is Fear’s result? How does it affect our health, happiness, and longevity? [separator headline=”h1″ title=”There is nothing to fear but Fear Itself…”] Although I am not sure that is an accurate statement, it certainly carries a lot of weight, both from...
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There is nothing literally as vexing as anxiety. It is an invisible force, which starts insidiously for most people, and can progress to a constant, persistent problem. But before describing the treatment, let me describe the different types of Anxiety. >>There is something we call “visceral agitation” which means that the anxiety comes from deep...
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I have quite a few patients that come in complaining of ‘depression.’ What originally was a specific condition has, like sciatica, fibromyalgia, and plantar fascitis become a catch all phrase for several different Patterns. As a reminder: a pattern is the tree, whereas symptoms and diseases are the leaves and syndromes are branches… a pattern...
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