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I don’t know about you, but when I usually eat, I have something else in front of me like a book, computer, notebook, or a movie. It would always seem like a good idea at the time. Most of the time I would notice that my food was suddenly gone and I didn’t remember eating...
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Qigong is a gentle exercise form that originated in China thousands of years ago. Some people call it a “moving meditation.” ┬áThere are many different forms of qigong and also many benefits to regular practice. The most common forms of qigong usually involve very slow, fluid body movements synchronized with breathing. There is also a...
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Heart Disease has been linked to so many things: smoking, diet, stress, alcohol, cholesterol, apnea, insomnia, lack of exercise, certain medications, kidney/liver failure, gingivitis. Is there anything it is NOT related to these days? Hence the most common response to this topic is, very naturally: FEAR. False Evidence Appearing Real To understand heart disease, you...
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