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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”Senator Paul’s Vow”] Dear Veterans, I wanted to provide you with two updates. The first is to let you know that suddenly, out of the blue, we have received money from old billings from Triwest – and received a call saying that we would be getting file updates to show balances of accounts....
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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”Starting This Thursday”] I have been asked by a male client to host a fairly martial self-defense course – the full 10 week course held over 11 weeks (review) – on Thursday evenings at 7 pm. It is not closed to women, and in fact, may be of great interest to some women...
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While the west clamors for more and more technological (read: expensive) diagnostic methods, in TCM we continue to use ancient external means of diagnosis to a great degree of proficiency. However, even in Chinese Medicine, techniques are not without major deterioration over the centuries. For example, it is not merely the feel of the pulse...
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