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Looking into the origins of hydroxyquinolone, I was struck by the mysterious origins of its progenitor Nalidixic Acid. Could it be that the synthesis of the quinolone family of antibiotics was actually borrowed from Chinese Medicine? So looking at the herbal formula that we can use to treat the symptoms of phlegm and cool-dryness for...
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  ‘Treating a disease after it has manifested is like digging a well after you are thirsty…’ – Yellow Emperor’s Internal Classic This quote is taken from a classical Chinese Medical text written about 2,500 years ago. Prevention of disease has always been a significant aspect of Chinese medicine. When patients come in for acupuncture...
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  Have you ever been in a situation where everyone you live with comes down with the cold and you fear that you’re next? Or have you ever been on a plane and the person next to you keeps sneezing? ….Enter Jade Windscreen Powder (Yu Ping Feng San). Jade Windscreen Powder (Yu Ping Feng San)...
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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”The weather outside is frightful…but the fire is so delightful…”] Greetings from December! The recent weather changes in Kentucky have led to a common theme around here: cold and flu! While the treatment (and perhaps more importantly, the prevention) of these seasonal maladies with Chinese medicine is not new, it is something worth...
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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”It’s That Time of Year Again”] It’s cold and flu season. Now is the time to get prepared! Come in and get a free copy of our herbal home tea remedy you can make yourself. Yummy and potent! Stock up on your prescriptions and patents for cold and flu prevention: pro-dromal stage, head...
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