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Hello, It is my hope and desire to bring to you the following classes for Quarter 2 of 2015: Qi Gong 1, Monday and Thursday 8am-9am Qi Gong 2, Wednesday 6pm Philosophy (for martial artists), once a month, on Mondays, free for Taiji enrollments Holistic Health class, also once a month, on Wednesdays after Advanced...
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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”Karma, like the Honey Badger, Don’t Give It.”] Listen, I have been there. I was the skeptic. I was the “rationalist”. The Math-Brain. The Engineer who only believes in what he sees (we’ll get to this). I’m here to tell you something: Karma/Law of Causality doesn’t care. It doesn’t mind if you end...
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Qi Gong Qi Gong (Chi Kung) literally means Energy/life-force Skill. The Gong is the same as the Gong of Gong Fu (Gung Fu). This implies excellence. Yang Shen, or Nourishing Life, is a sub-study of Qi Gong. In general, Qi Gong can be divided into yin and yang, or water and fire methods. In the...
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Enjoying Chinese Medicine and Philosophy, but don’t know where to turn to learn more? Head on over to Shifu Careaga’s website and have a look around! Click the Bagua-Taiji-tu below to head there now! [responsive][/responsive]Now boasting the largest single direct access you’ll find anywhere to Taoist and Confucian classics; all right at your fingertips. $48...
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