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Traditional Chinese Medicine
[separator headline=”h1″ title=”Dealing with Allergies”] People come in often with watery (or dry), itchy eyes, and chronic rhinitis/sinusitis. This is, after all, the 3rd most pollen infested area, with high mold counts and many types of irritants like honeysuckle and tree pollen. What most don’t know, however, is that very often the allergy problem started...
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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”Spring Clean Your Lifestyle”] Below are two maps that you can use to find things for you and your family to do this spring, summer, and fall, and never get bored! Why get out? Move the Qi! Spreading liver qi keeps away depression, anxiety, back , knee, and hip pain. It also helps...
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There are three important things that the patient should know about Chinese Herbs before starting. Chinese Herbalism is unlike any other form in the world in that it is a medicine of cocktail-prescriptions. Each herb comes from different areas of the plant and may have completely different properties, that when mixed together perform a synergistic...
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Shifu Ramon Careaga is offering a chance to learn the medicine in the traditional way, through following a mentor and witnessing the system. You will work hard and get hands-on experience in acupuncture, herbology, tuina and more. This program is for One-on-One training in Traditional Chinese Medicine. [separator headline=”h4″ title=”Read Our Brochure for More Info”]...
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There is an unfortunate side-effect to the non-shamanistic approach to medicine these days – or the “hospital” form of medicine: and it is that there are two common groups of people that fall right through the cracks and don’t get the care and healing that they deserve. I’m not talking about poor education of a doctor, misdiagnosis, or...
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  I (Ramon) often get this question, naturally because people are curious, and also because the concept of Qi has traditionally been mysterious for the Chinese and especially for Americans. After all, it’s a Chinese word to start with, and then it seems rather strange (after all) that sticking needles in the body would do...
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