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There’s a false narrative pervading out there that a 2nd wave has come. There is nothing in the data to support this. Instead more and more people have been infected and we have reached herd immunity. Same as any SARS virus any other year. We’ve had many SARS invasions over the last decade. Finally, the...
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So… lockdowns have proven, as I predicted, to be unscientific hypotheses which were ineffective in preventing infections. Families are 18x more likely to spread the disease (which travels by surface), according to Japanese research. However, the thing that we can see is the clear change in death rate per infection after March 23rd, 2020, and...
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I can’t give you any about the government, the economy, the dollar takeover etc. BUT as regards Event 201 and the SARS-co-2 Death rates… Well check out the power of American Healthcare vs the World:   So there you have it. Don’t forget to review the other graphs at this post and this post, and...
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sources: Big Picture (click images to expand to interactive) (click for data) Infections and New Infections     Deaths and New Deaths    
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