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We would like to welcome Daoshi Nathan Glover to the Wu-Dao-Ti family as an adjunct Philosopher. Nathan, (Daoist name Li Jian) is a 22nd Generation Longmen Daoist Priest and a Zheng Yi Daoist Priest in the ‘Awakening to Reality’ Sect. Nathan will be providing Daoist liturgy, scripture recital, and guided meditation for those interested in...
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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”TAI CHI IN BEREA”] Classes now offered during the day in Berea Clinic. Tuesdays at 11:30am Patients get a discount on memberships and quarterly prices. Come try a class for free! -Sf. Ramon Careaga
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Most of what Americans know about the rest of the world is skewed by media and white-washing of history and culture from the outside world. This is no different when considering China and her imported treasures, including what has commonly come to be called “Kung Fu.” [pullquote align=”right”]“The Orient and Islam have a kind of...
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The Wu-Tao-Di Academy is all about promoting actual scholarship and learning. To start off this series, I’d like to discuss the Chinese concept of “elements,” itself a poor choice of translation and for conveying the meaning. If I can point you to more information, I will. Before beginning I want to briefly – very briefly...
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There are a LOT of (unfortunately) secrets about Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture. Things you might want to know, because you never know when you need to. Did you know that we have license massage therapists who are ready to assist you in your home or at our locations? Did you know we provide free...
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