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zheng gu shui
Hello patients! This document is designed to help you understand Chinese Herbalism as a process.  This is as opposed to the single-dosing fits-all mindset of pharmaceuticals or one-size-fits-all-forever mindset people have about vitamins and supplements. In the ancient days, herbalism was either prescribed for a set condition, or there was a local apothecary which the...
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With the end of Late Summer (the peak of Summer), we now head into Autumn. Already there have been a couple sore throat cases and bronchitis cases. This is an important time to get ahead and get a grip on your Qi, because at the end of October arrives the first wave of Wind-Cold attacks...
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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”Sagely Medicine is in Prevention”] I only use four aromatics in the clinic, because they cover all the 3 doshas, 5 elements and needs I have. And let me tell you, they work. I had a patient apply Po Sum On oil to his nose and he has Liver Yang Rising (an excess...
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