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Right now I am accepting new private students for Taiji (Tai Chi), Bagua, and Qigong in Lexington!

What is the advantage of Tai Chi?

Taoist Monk
Taoist Monk in Contemplation
  • “Karate Yoga” – the movement benefits of martial arts and yoga combined with exercise
  • WHO supports it for Osteopenia/porosis due to proven clinical trials
  • Proven system of longevity as well as self-defense
  • Artistic, fun, and enjoyable
  • Never dull, unending information, no peak to reach, no reason to stress about it

What are the advantages of private lessons?

  • No dojo politics
  • Variable classes that adjust for time of year, weather, and your life
  • After work times
  • Reading assignments that are fun and empower your life
  • Chinese Philosophy explained in ways you can “get it”
  • Shifu is also a Licensed Acupuncturist who will listen to your problems
  • One-on-one instruction
  • Hands on demonstration of movement and correct posture, and balance
  • Simple no contract payment system.


[testimonial author=”Shifu Careaga”]I was once at the Dalai Lama’s speech in Louisville, waiting in line outside. To my pleasant surprise, a Tai Chi demonstration was to be performed. My pleasant surprise turned into a nightmare as I watched Tai Chi be butchered. Without the classics, without the correct movement, without the balance, without the understanding… Tai Chi performed this way is not simply turning it into an elaborate dance of fanciful movements… it is actually harmful to the joints and the Qi. This is more common than you think. Add to that the sheer amount of nonsense information provided all over the internet, and it is no wonder that finding real Taijiquan in the United States is hard. By comparison most yoga teachers are completely qualified and 70% of the time it is safe. If you cannot have competent Taiji lessons that are not stressful, I’d rather you join a yoga class![/testimonial]

What is Bagua? What is Qigong?

  • Bagua is like Taiji, but even better because it includes more twisting and stretching, as well as being highly practical. Complicated but fun!
  • Qigong is the Chinese pranayana yoga systems (including Daoyin). The idea is to practice Qi so that you can build it and sustain life.

~Shifu Careaga

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