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Thanks and Stories

For the first time since Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture was born (3 years ago), Shifu Ramon and I took a vacation and the most incredible thing happened: the clinics kept running. It may seem like a simple thing, but I find myself having returned home incredibly thankful. I am thankful for Jenny and Fawn who kept on doing what they do, plus more including taking and returning calls. I am thankful for you amazing people who come to see us with pieces of your lives in-hand, hoping that we can help, and trusting us to do our best work. Every time I take a call from someone referred by a patient past or present, I quietly jump for joy – glad at the prospect of helping someone else, and honored by the compliment of a referral to loved ones. All of this has me thinking back to my first experience with acupuncture and Chinese Medicine which I would like to share with you now.

I was already in school at PCOM. Growing up with “pressure point” posters on the wall (due to my dad’s and later my own involvement in the martial arts), Chinese Medicine seemed a natural step when my original notion of being a teacher did not turn out as I had imagined it would. While many of my peers came to acupuncture because they used it to recover from an injury, to manage a chronic illness, had seen miracles in the lives of their pets who didn’t have to ‘believe in’ anything, I did not have an acupuncture treatment until well into my second semester of learning it. The problem was that when I had started grad school out in San Diego, I was bleeding all the time. Literally, I was having one week of a ‘period,’ and one week without, then one week on and one week off which had been going on since before we moved across the country and was only getting worse the more I studied. By the time I had my first acupuncture treatment I was pale, I was dizzy, I was having nausea at the drop of a hat (unrelated to pregnancy, which is a story for another time), I was having sudden nosebleeds with increasing frequency and flow which in my mind was unrelated to my other concerns but in reality stemmed from the same source: not enough qi.

I had a total of 3 appointments and took one bottle of herbs and it stopped. It stopped. It stopped. If you have never continually lost vital fluids in such a manner, please know this: it is exhausting. To have my cycle normalize was a life changing experience in so many ways that now I am thankful also for that experience, as it has brought me here, to share it with you and hopefully (as is always my desire) to give you hope. Looking at the body as an entire system that works together makes an incredible difference in diagnosis and treatment. I encourage you to consider if there’s something you’re “living with” that is affecting your life, maybe it doesn’t have to be so. Come see us. We would love to help.

All my best to you and yours, always always.


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