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“Why, even in Winter, you need to sweat”

Losing Weight
Removing Toxic Metabolic Waste
Preventing Illness
Eliminating the Ice
Increasing Circulation
Pumping the glands and lymphnodes
Clearing the energy of the Climate
Keeping the Metabolism Circulating Correctly

When your cells go too long using active and passive osmosis to pull in salts and nutrients, the cells swell to a size that they cannot actually let back out the fluids, nor their toxins be released. This eventually leads to aging of the cells, as well as oxidation (due to free radicals), reducing the metabolic ability of the cells. Eventually, the fat cells growing, the connective tissue cells ball up and overall circulation is weakened, leading to even more metabolic weakening. It’s far better, then, to keep sweating and keep releasing extra fluids.

By sweating, one is able to move solvents out of the solution of the cytoplasm inside the cell. These solvents are not all salt, some are metabolic waste of the cell. Excrement, basically. Just as it is important for the colon to empty (metal energy), it is important for the cell to empty through the skin (also metal energy).

Exterior conditions all start with wind and cold or heat, or summerdamp, and they interfere with blood and fluid/lymph circulation, and enable viruses and bacteria, fungi and protozoa to continue to proliferate until there is infection. The main thing that sweating does is to heat up the vessels and move all the fluids, and this brings white blood cells and increases Qi flow to the skin and muscles. Thus preventing illness.

When sugars build in the body, or the environment’s pressure and humidity changes penetrate the body, as is likely, the nerves become “frozen” meaning that they no longer stretch and wiggle normally. This means they cannot move the energy along and if they cannot move the energy, muscles are likely to deteriorate, and illness can come about. Also, Depression and Anxiety and other emotional disturbances can affect the psyche. So by “cracking the ice” one can not only enhance longevity and vitality, one can balance the body and mind.

By increasing circulation, one enables muscles and organ (and other) tissues to be properly fed new nutrients. It prevents colds and disease, and of course, improves emotional states. But most of all, it helps the Qi to circulate, and that is what is needed to remove future disease and to feel secure and happy inside oneself. It also will lower blood pressure and prevent heart disease.

By increasing circulation, the glands (which control hormones) and the lymphnodes (which contain immune system cells), are emptied and refilled more regularly. This improves Vitality and also it improves immunity.

From time to time – like today – a climate change or climate force, like a cold front, comes through and causes vessels to close tight, as well as the nerves. The main problem of this is a matter of disease and emotion, however, it is also a matter of spiritual blockage. Without going into detail (see previous blog) this will affect the results you get in your life – your karma. That’s not a good thing. It creates lots of multiplying anxieties and bad “luck.” It also allows greater Chaos. These issues all are why pathogenic forces are called Xie-Evil Qi. It ruins lives. Sweating is one more technique to prevent this.

One of the key ways that Zheng-Right Qi is interfered with is the reversal of the Qi Hua (metabolic) mechanism, the peristaltic motion of the intestines. By reversing this, illness is assured, if not today then soon or a lifetime of illness, and weakness. This is one of the most common things that I treat every week in the clinic. It is shockingly common. By exercising to the point of sweat, the mechanism is supported and, again, various types of internal disease and obesity is prevented, as well as constipation and nutrient deficiency/anemia.

~Sf. Ramon Careaga

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