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[separator headline=”h1″ title=”The Most Superior Medicine”]Has always been and will always be love and laughter.

Have you laughed uproariously today? This week? this month? This year? I mean laughed until your eyes watered and you hurt?

Have you watched something that made you burst out unexpectedly, perhaps on Buzzfeed or Or on Youtube?

Too often these days we spend all of our time bringing weight onto our shoulders, and we forget that often our spouses married us for our humor and smile, our laughter and warm heart. The burdens of the world are no good to bring home. So before you set out for home today, I urge you to scrawl the interwebs, looking for something that will make you smile in not a cynical way, thinking “how stupid are they?!” but in a genuine, child-like way.

“You start pretending to have a good time, who knows you might end up having one by accident.”

~Shifu Careaga

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