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In a previous posting I talked about the:

1. H & H

2. S & S

3. F & F

4. E & E

Now I’d like to talk about what I call the “Five N’s” of eNergy work.

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[accordion-item title=”Enfolding”]Part of what made the blacksmith and swordsmith, especially the latter, considered a magician in ancient (Bronze Age) times, was the fact that creating something clearly manmade, as a tool or weapon, from rocks in the ground using fire, was itself a miracle of human ingenuity and engineering (two more N’s!) It was considered in some societies as a gift from the gods, or the working of mysterious forces. Actually, though, what made it special from its creation standpoint was that the individual smith would go through trials and tribulations and would experiencing what is considered magical transformations along with the sword. Hence the belief that the sword would contain a “soul” of its own, departed in part and parcel from its maker, and yet unique to itself. This belief was a worldwide phenomenon, and should not be discounted out of hand.

What we can take from this, however, the most important bit, is that there is something about enfolding energy, where layers of conscious and metaphysical data are impacted into objects that beautifies them. You’ll find this belief amongst engineers with “baby” projects that they caretake for years or even decades, with carpenters, with artists and sculptors, etc… Anything where one constantly turns over, recycles, and re-forges a thing for themselves. Thus we call this act “enfolding” energy and it is the first and foremost of tricks you need to understand in the production of anything successful. From children to businesses to projects and vacations. Enfold, and learn the process of turning over and forging that which you wish to make successful.


[accordion-item title=”Entangling”]Part of why enfolding works is the Quantum Physics concept of Entanglement. The most demonstrable example of this in daily life, other than health concerns, to my mind is the clothes we wear, and the weapons and tools we use most. It is well known that amongst martial artists you won’t find any real fighter that wants to share his sword, stave, or knife with anyone else. To even let them touch it feels like almost a betrayal, and certainly makes them wince internally. This is because, of course, the weapon or tool is entangled with its owner/wielder. So in managing energy – see next article – one must consider all things that are entangled, why they are, whom the entanglement serves, what’s the net effect for you/your family: positive or negative? All these things are the basis of why energy is important to understand, and why pure materialism misses the mark not only spiritually (as everyone knows), but tangibly/financially/medically, etc…[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Enrichen-ing”]To enrichen is to make richer. But the secret of enriching is to make it the next stage of rich. Not to the point of spoiling (like adding too much sugar to a cake or lemonade), but to make it more complex, mosaic, and interesting. All sorts of arts and sciences are based upon this: chemistry, craftsmanship, quilting/weaving, jewelry smithing, and many others besides. The point is that you are converting some of your spirit-essence (Shen Jing) into the physical object, through enfolding and entangling, and thereby enriching and then, after that, what I call enrichening the object or situation to perfection. You can do this with weddings to make sure it doesn’t rain, or vacations, or children, or management of business systems. Really anything can be enrichened and then go through the enrichening process.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Encircling”]Encircling energy, or weaving it, is the process of using arcs, curves, and unorthodox methods to go around problems rather than the linear method. It is feminine, by nature, and differs from the masculine in main goal. It uses the Paradox of the Universe, the Mysterious Pivot (lingshu) to turn hard or difficult circumstances upon itself. Rather than lifting a boulder, it is using gravity to roll the boulder. Or rather than swimming upstream, it is going downstream or getting out and walking upstream. Encircling is a vital energy management technique that saves time, money, and of course, energy by reducing effort. It is often downplayed, or downright forgotten in a machisimo society that relies upon outright militarization to get at problems of the heart or spirit. Therefore the mystic, sage, superior person, internalist, and upper level healer/doctor considers this method the key to enlightened behavior and disposition towards all things that come to us. It is the entire basis of the Taoist text: the Tao Te Ching.[/accordion-item]

[accordion-item title=”Imprinting”]OK, so this one is an “M” but close enough. To imprint is merely the combination of entangling and enfolding, to leave a mark upon someone or something. It is, therefore, a specific action. Its purpose? Ever notice that leopards like to carry food up into a tree, and squirrels to bury their food? This is to mark the already stored energy (calories) for themselves for later. Humans do the same thing with dollars and with signs and other forms of marking. Mothers do things like wipe saliva on kids faces, and fathers pat their kids and people hug all the time. All I can say is, if you want something to be yours or stay with you at least: imprint it with your own Qi![/accordion-item]

[/accordion] If you have any questions, please contact me,

Shifu Careaga

~Sf. Ramon Careaga

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