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In Chinese, Ming (Destiny) is an ever evolving aspect of us. If we haven’t reached it yet, it’s out there still, awaiting us to “get on the train” and come forward. It will shift, therefore, with our life circumstances and karmic experiences.

In America today we have a culture that is actively suppressing and harming children’s Xingming (natural destiny) through encouraging laziness, obesity, depression, improper hydration, poisoned foods, and what the Taoists call Distraction via fantasies and other harmful internet related activities.

Chine Gongfu is uniquely situated to change this scenario around. To help a child attain empowerment (Te) and reach their potential. To have confidence, self-esteem, a strong body, the ability to defend themselves, wit, intelligence, cleverness, the ability to critical think “on their toes” and more.

Your child deserves this opportunity no matter what has happened before. Whether they are a problem child or a victim they can reach new heights. You can save them from things like anorexia, cutting, suicidal tendencies, and more with this transformation. I fully believe that every kid could be helped with martial arts. I don’t care if you come to me or go to Joe’s Taekwondo or Brian Chewning or Four Seasons. Just take them there, and get them involved. They, and your family’s future, are worth it!

thank you,
-Shifu Careaga, 3rd Black Sash Shaolin and Tai Chi, owner

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