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It’s no secret that the Coronavirus pandemic is still raging worldwide. In fact, there’s an uptick in worldwide infections. But overall the death rate per infection in the world is down, and so is it in America, where the Epidemic is over. Right now the % chance of infection for this year is going to top out (even with inflated numbers) between .1 and .2%. Your chance of death by COVID will then drop to¬† between .05% and 0.1%. Realistically, though, it’s from 0.02 and 0.04% chance if you have it. Everyday we get even better at fighting it, once western medicine learned you can’t:

Well, I could have told them that, but government being what it is – mostly fear inducing and unhelpful – well they made the situation worse in both ways by jumping to unscientific conclusions.
So take a look at the curves now (all the blogs will have the latest graphical data):

US % chance of infection and death COVID-19
US % chance of infection and death COVID-19


US and World New Infections rate
US and World New Infections rate note the drop for US and rise for the World

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