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The water element, or phase of energy as it is more proper to call it, is all about the Winter. What’s the color of winter? White – no: Black.
You might object and say “black is not the color of water, blue is.” Actually, water is clear. But the color of the winter phase is black. Why? Because the imagery of Shui Xing is that of a lake underneath a mountain in a deep dark cave. It is of hiding, rebirth, recharge, and keeping things hidden, not being too bright or luminescent.

Perfect imagery for snowy weather. Here in America we associate snow with Christmas, fires, and cozy music and sweaters. All of that feels warm and fuzzy, which matches the Yang Qi. Promotion of these is part of Yang Sheng or Nourishing Longevity. However, Yang is nourished by Yin, and Yin is black to the white. Therefore in nature, snow is white because it traps the dark moisture in the black soil, and nourishes the roots of things. Therefore also we attribute water to Dao, or the Way, because it is humble and support all things. So we know also that the feminine principle is black not because it is evil but because it is like the womb: it contains and nourishes life and is wet. This is Yin and black. Black is good. Thus we say, “Promote the white, keep to black.”

Seaweed Soup @ Hunan’s Restaurant

In that vein, let me introduce the reader to another soup that you may not have and would never have tried (since in KY seaweed smells hideous): Kun Bu Soup. That which is pictured has also egg yolks, which as an herb nourish the essence of the bone and the plasma.

It is high in sodium, so beware of that. Salt goes to the Kidneys and bones (and muscles) which both belong to the Water Phase. Too much salt “dries the blood” but not enough will kill you slowly. Therefore this soup is tasty (if you like packaged seawood, you’ll like this), hits the cravings for salt, and after all Kun Bu diminishes nodules and goiter in the body by softening them.

Overall, I much suggest this. You can order it at Hunan Restaurant on Southland Drive. Tell them Ramon the acupuncturist sent you.

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