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Feng Shui is interconnected throughout all parts of your life. Your financial feng-shui is absolutely connected to your physical, mental, spiritual, and of course social health. Fiscal health is just as important as the security and safety of your home. 

Think about this: when you get to the point of winning against incursion of disease (bandits, wind, etc.) and the problem manifests in your karma as bad deals and relationships and misfortunes, you’re actually winning. Unless… you give in because you don’t know. Well, imagine what happens when you are fixing your financials and the problems externalizes into what I call “the debt monster.” It’s at that point you have to fight extra hard.

Although debt is money these days, set up savings accounts (multiple) to squirrel away funds in tiems of good, and then when the transmission blows or the basement floods, or your kid needs glasses, you have a secret cache of power to fight back against the Debt Monster.

The other name of the game this month is Security. Secure your home PC and accounts using my document, LastPass, and consider a smart system like Vivint. Just don’t use google!


Advice from the Past

“Shi Que remonstrated with the duke, saying, “Your servant has heard that, when you love a son, you should teach him righteous ways, and not help him on in the course of depravity. There are pride, extravagance, lewdness, and dissipation, by which one depraves himself; but these four vices come from overindulgence and allowances. If you are going to make Zhouyu your successor, settle him in that position; if you have not yet decided on such a step, you are paving the way for him to create disorder. Few there are who can be favoured without getting arrogant; few arrogant who can submit themselves to others; few who can submit themselves without being indignant at their position; and few who can keep patient under such a feeling of indignancy. And moreover, there are what are called the six instances of insubordination, -when the mean stand in the way of the noble; or the young presume against their elders; or distant relatives cut out those who are near; or new friends alienate from the old; or a small Power attacks a great one; or lewdness defeats righteousness. The ruler righteous and the minister acting accordingly; the father kind and the son dutiful; the elder brother loving and the younger respectful:-these are what are called the six instances of what should be. To put away what should be and follow what should not be, is the way to accelerate calamity; and when a ruler of men accelerates the calamity which it should be his object to keep off, is not the case a deplorable one?” The duke did not listen to this remonstrance; and Que’s son, Hou, became a companion of Zhouyu.

The father tried to restrain him, but in vain. When duke Huan succeeded to his father, Que withdrew from public life on the plea of old age.'” ~Zuo Zhan

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