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Late-breaking news from the world of acupuncture … Blue Lotus Lexington is changing locations!!

…Technically, this has been in the works for some time and possibly you have already heard about it, but “As You Already Knew, We Are Moving” did not seem like a very catchy title for a blog!

I will try to contain my excitement just long enough to coherently give you useful information, in bullet form:

  • Our new address is 3720 Willow Ridge Road Lexington, KY 40514
  • If you click this link: you can see a map from our location on Wellington Way to the new location on Willow Ridge
  • (If you just asked yourself, “Who uses mapquest any more?” The answer is – it’s me. Arwen does.)
  • If you click this link: you can see what the outside of the building looks like and read a little bit about the space (don’t let that part about the “open bullpen area” alarm you. That’s just real estate lingo for “large space in which to practice Qi Gong, Tai Ji and yoga!”
  • **The move is happening as we speak, so until further notice all appointments scheduled for Lexington are taking place as usual in our location on Wellington Way.
  • We are having an Open House on Thursday, February 19th from 4-6 – which (not-so-coincidentally) coincides with Lunar (aka “Chinese”) New Year.
  • You are invited to the Open House! You can RSVP here: We only ask for RSVP to give us an idea about how much food/cups to buy but if you don’t RSVP you can still come. There will be dynamic demonstrations, explanations, perhaps an interesting movie in the background and yours truly will be providing auricular acupuncture for interested parties.

Thank you sincerely for your patience and participation in our growth. We love helping you with your concerns and encouraging you on your journey of health. We look forward to using this larger space to further our goal to bring Chinese Medicine home.

Please remember that the referral of your family and friends is the highest compliment we can receive. If you know someone who’s curious about what we do or someone you think would benefit from our care, please bring them along to the Open House where we can answer their questions and, if they want, give them a mini-treatment on the house.

新年快乐 (Happy New Year, indeeed!)



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