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Triwest has claimed, both in this highly erroneous and sloppy letter to Congressman Barr, and in response to our lawyers, to have paid up to date to within a few hundreds.

But we ran the calculations. And they are still off by over $9000 in billings (some of which are newer), and of course still owe in back interest and fees.
To make matters worse, they have actually gone off and hoodwinked some practitioners in the area. I am afraid that without changing they are still up to no good. I believe they will harm these other practitioners. I know for a fact that the practitioners are not going to be paid correctly. Last week a practitioner all the way in Hawaii called us going through the same thing. This is a nationwide problem and it’s even gone into hearings before Congress.

Today, one veteran called, unhappy about being moved to another facility, crying. I want to re-iterate that we want to see veterans. But so long as they don’t change their system, lie to Congressmen, short-change practitioners, etc… how can we trust them or run a business?

Here are the latest links to graphs on payment… as before always with up-to-date data. Something they don’t like because it’s precise and clearly shows they are behind in payments.

They’ve had plenty of time to pay their debts. If you’re a vet, call Triwest, and call Congress and tell them to fix this. To fix their system.

By the way, Congressman Barr’s office is working hard, and we are very thankful that they have taken this case up. Much has been accomplished on the Hill, but clearly we have a longer way to go. This company thinks they can do whatever and never adjust.
Let’s show them they are wrong.

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