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Update of Prices and Policies for 2018

Hi there! Happy Holidays.

This post is to serve as a 30 day Notice that beginning Jan. 30th our Prices will raise; and this is listed explicitly in our Revised Clinic Policies, which are effective Immediately as of 12-21-2017. These Policies build on Previous Policy changes listed on this website, such as the doing away with chaining of discounts, and extends to removal of the sharing of Plans (previously termed Packages).

We have not raised our acupuncture rates in 3 years; and as you are aware, inflation has continued to accelerate. We love to continue providing excellent rates and the experience that can only be had at Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture. But in order to stay competitive with the march of medical costs we unfortunately have to give ourselves a raise, from time to time.

Additionally we are cutting the cost of Guasha to $50 and raising the cost of Cupping to $80.  Tai Chi prices will not change, and the WTD policy of a discount for patients+students will continue. Also our preference for cash and check will continue to be reflected in our Plans and cash rates.

A summary of our Policy Updates are as follows:

  • Plans are for weekly recurring treatments
  • Cessation of a Plan defaults clients to single pay system
  • Plans have rollover and pauses as needed (if we are previously advised); not to exceed 1 year from purchase (this change is effective immediately and retroactive)
  • Plans cannot be shared, however there are group Plans (Couples, Family, etc…)
  • Plans enable priority booking, however the 24 hour cancellation notice rule still applies: failure to cancel 24 hours on previous business day will result in usage of that appointment slot as part of the Plans.
  • Refunds will be issued at Single Pay Rate for remainder of Credit; conversions out of a Plan also revert to Single Pay; again non-transferable to other clients as Plans, but as credit for Single Pay slots.
  • If you have full coverage (Work Comp, VA, Personal Injury, etc…) owners reserve the right to keep you on Single Pay
  • A 3% convenience fee is attached to all Plans and Tai Chi purchases; cash/check will save you money!
  • Plan rates adjust starting 1/30/2018; we reserve the right to adjust our rates and policies at any time without prior notice, though we will place the notices on the website.

A complete Fee Schedule will be provided in clinic, and upon request.

As before, our 24 Hour Cancellation Policy remains in effect, which is signed upon your Initial Consultation. No Call No Shows and non-emergency Late Cancellations will received a 50% charge and we reserve the right to collect this bill.

Also our $25 Initial Consultation Fee to reserve a booking spot will remain in effect, for the purposes of holding/reserving a slot. This applies to online booking as well as calling in. If you book online you must call in to provide that fee. If you book online you are agreeing to our Clinic Policies, including the 24 hour cancellation fee. We appreciate your business very, very much (as does our 4 kids and employees!) However we also must remind the patients that other people may be interested in that time slot, and please be respectful of others. This is what allows us to provide Plan discounts in the first place.

Thank you, and again, Happy Holidays from all of us at Blue Lotus Health & Acupuncture!
-Sf. Ramon Careaga (owner)

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