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Dear Groupon and Living Social voucher patients,

First of all, THANK YOU! For giving Chinese Medicine and Blue Lotus a shot to help you achieve the healthy you inside.

Welcome. We hope this brief list of reminders/need-to-nows will make things easier in our transactions.

  1. All appointments must be booked 1 week or more in advance. Exceptions for extreme pain will be made.
  2. Only NEW patients may use vouchers; return patients may receive a %25 percent discount if they purchase a voucher somehow mistakenly. Please remember that we are only paid half the voucher’s cost. 25% of what we normally charge.
  3. Gifted vouchers must be used by the person they are gifted to.
  4. When scheduling an appointment, you must provide your voucher #. It will be immediately redeemed.
  5. We will require a cell # and a working email (please no aol or hotmail or other ancient emails) so that if for some reason we need to move your appointment (without charging you), we can contact you in a timely fashion.
    We are required by HIPAA to keep in contact as best as possible with patients for legal/ethical reasons, and we try to do this. We are not scammers or door-to-door salespeople. This is a doctor’s office. Come here to get well, we are on YOUR side.
  6. You are allowed one re-scheduling; Late cancellations and No Call No Shows automatically lose their voucher.
  7. However, you can still receive the treatment for 25% off (meaning you pay another 25% to cover our losses + the 50% you originally paid; still a deal!)
  8. You must fill out the case management form IN DETAIL; or arrive 20-30 minutes early to do so. There is other paperwork to conclude upon your arrival, including: Informed Consent, Arbitration, and Notice of Policies.
  9. By purchasing the Voucher, you automatically consent to Groupon/Living Social’s terms and BLHA’s terms, Privacy Practices, and Payment Policies.
  10. Illness – excepting fever and emergency (including stomach bugs) – is not an excuse for late cancellations < 24 hours. Calling at 6am the same day or midnight the previous day is not 24 hours notice.
  11. This is a Chinese Medicine doctor’s office. We are not a spa or acu-sport type facility. We make case-by-case recommendations. Some patients are recommended to become chronic patients, and some weekly for a month and some herbal patients or massage. This is not a “sales pitch;” we are bound by law to provide you with honest diagnosis and prognosis.
  12. Scheduling conflicts will be handled on a first come, first serve basis; we cannot hold any slots. If you book it, we will charge the voucher.
  13. Should an issue arise such as an unsatisfactory treatment (we cannot predict with 100% certainty what your Qi will do, after all; and we work hard to make sure and do the right thing, spending more than 30 minutes with you as opposed to 2 or 3 with your GP), then give us a call, usually we are willing to make things right and help you out.

That seems to be about the majority of issues that are of note with using vouchers.

Again we welcome you, and we cannot wait to treat you and help you to get better.

In 2 years we have seen over 800 people, and through our Chronic program in 2013 alone provided more than $15,000 in savings to patients over the regular treatment rates. And by doing this we helped people get healthy faster than the average acupuncture office.

Please read our brochure and our blog, and have a great day!

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