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What is the Lesson Here? (Thoughts on Snow)

Sometimes, if I am in a very good mood, I am able to ask myself the following question in the face of adversity: what is the lesson here? 

As I write this, Lexington and much of Kentucky is covered in snow. Today is the third day of being, essentially, impeded – many establishments are closed and even if they weren’t, high drifts of snow, especially on the side roads, do not encourage venturing, no matter how little milk or bread you have. In general, many of us find this pretty inconvenient, but over the past three days I have found myself feeling more calm and relaxed. What was the difference? The difference is that the world was covered in snow. So today, when I was cautiously creeping down Man O’War toward our new clinic, I asked myself, “What’s the lesson here?” And this is what I realized:

1. Snow affects everything. Businesses, traffic, schools – it all responds to nature’s interruption. “I AM HERE,” snow says. Whether we like it or not, we respond. What’s the lesson? Slow down.

2. Snow changes the rules. The tides of fashion, the definition of “need,” and even the rules of traffic can shift in the face of below freezing temperatures and dangerous precipitation. What’s the lesson? Safety is more important than we often acknowledge.

3. Snow encourages us to pay attention. With the exception of the man typing on his phone while pulling out onto Reynolds Road from Ruccio Way this afternoon, the majority of drivers and myself included were much more in-tune with the powerful machines we take for granted every day. What’s the lesson? Getting where you’re going is enough. “More” (multi-tasking or distractions in this case – phone, radio, snacking) isn’t always better.

4. Snow gives us a reason to stay in the house and visit or watch movies, to play outside and drink hot chocolate, or to sit on the couch and not do anything at all because that is all we can do! What’s the lesson? Give yourself a break. Sometimes it just is what it is. You deserve to take it easy for a minute and not feel bad about that.

5. Snow makes the world look new. What’s the lesson here? There is beauty in the every day. Sometimes it just takes a new perspective to help us see it.

So while I don’t think I’m read for a big move up North, I do appreciate this time of reflection and would encourage you to look a little inward as well. During times of “entrapment” we can see things about ourselves and our loved ones that we don’t otherwise see, because usually we are moving too fast! Being forced to do things differently can be a blessing in disguise. It just so happens that this time, the blessing was disguised as a beautiful dry snow.

———————————————————————————————————————————————————————-*Stay warm, friends! And please look out for one another-temperatures may continue to creep dangerously low.*

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